Uniplay launches US02 charging smart WiFi water leak alarm home all dangerous

Uniplay launches US02 charging smart WiFi water leak alarm home all dangerous
The safety of household electricity is a part of smart homes. The home flooding alarm is an important topic in this part. Uniplay’s US02 rechargeable smart WiFi water leakage alarm home overflow flooding sensor can effectively solve the safety of household flooding.

When designing the US02 water leak alarm, our Uniplay R&D engineers can roughly divide the solution for the home flooding alarm into three parts, first the flooding test, followed by the flooding alarm, and finally the flooding.
Household water immersion detection is relatively easy, because generally only the kitchen and toilet may leak water, and the kitchen toilet has a limited area. The electrode probe is arranged at an appropriate position, and the detection electrode can be connected to determine whether the water leaks. The detection effect is reliable, sensitive, and the cost is low. The general detection is to use the electrode and the host integrated, and the other is the split detection, the detection electrode is separated from the host, and the electrode can be made smaller.
In fact, the flooding alarm is also very easy. After the electrode is energized, it is transmitted to the alarm through wired or wireless signals, and the alarm can be triggered. Deploying wired or wireless signal transmissions, the price difference between the two is very large, and whether the alarm is ringing or sent directly to the mobile phone information, the price is different in both cases.
The flooding treatment is relatively high-end. After the alarm, the solenoid valve can be used to interlock the water valve and automatically dispose of it.

According to the above three methods, the intelligent water leakage alarm detects that the water leakage can be wirelessly transmitted to the gateway device, and then sound and light alarm or push the mobile phone message, and the electromagnetic valve can be connected to shut down the water in time. Uniplay launched the US02 flooding sensor with the gateway to achieve water leak detection, mobile phone push alarm messages and also can be connected to the solenoid valve to cut off the water supply.

To sum it up is:
1. The host is small.
2, the detection head is also very small, will not cause the metal contacts to tilt up because of the uneven terrain, causing undetectable conditions.
3, standby time is too long, nominal 1 year.
4, the price is affordable, this is also perfect.


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